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Pokemon Pokemon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Absolutely good.

Nice drawing. That's the first thing I've to say. After I saw this I saw your other drawings, and I can say that you are getting better and better at this. You've also made alot of nice effects. The kindof motion blur is defenitely awesome. Even trough I would give the bleu kinda Pokemon and the tiny yellow Pokemon a little bit more motion blur, because there'r moving faster. Now we've had a positive reactions we should go the the critism. The background is pretty but doesn't fit the picture. I don't see any footprints, it's also blurred but doesn't give the feeling that those humans+Pokemons are moving fast. And I am also missing the shadows of those creatures. It sure is good, but I needs some work. So: Artwork: +10 Details: -1 Background: -1,5. So a 4/5 and a 8/10 for you.

LovelyKouga responds:

Aw thank you for the very honest comment!
I absolutely 100% agree with you about the background - to be honest, it's my first 'real' attempt at any kind of scenery, usually my backgrounds are a 5-second throw-together. I laugh at the fact I forgot about footprints, too! XD

The background is based off a real place, where myself and my friend grew up; so it holds special meaning. The place we still consider beautiful even on an overcast, rainy day. (A dull background probably doesn't fit the happy tone and bright colours of the characters, but I thought it provided contrast and made them stand out?)

Thanks so much, I'll keep trying!